I have had a very taxing twelve years.

I’ve finally come to a point where I feel like I can look back and say I have attained many of the goals I set for myself previously. However, this is somewhat melancholic as I am starting to feel too comfortable with life.

And that’s why I’m starting a blog, as a cure for the complacency that can come from sitting on top of your previous achievements and feeling smug. By publishing what I am planning on doing next I hope to create some accountability for myself.

Goal One: Thirty Posts Over Twelve Months

To push myself to be consistent with posting I am going to try and average over one post every two weeks. These will likely take the form of retrospective posts, looking back at some previous work or experiences to start with, gradually adding new projects as I take them on.

Goal Two: Health

I suffer with ulcerative colitis.

This is not fun.

I was first diagnosed in my mid-teens and managed to get symptom free and off all medication by the end of my teenage years. I was lucky and managed to maintain this state until thirty three where I had a flare up of symptoms and a return to fighting with my immune system.

There are several measures (blood markers, micro-biome diversity, frequency, consistency) that I have historic data for and will continue to monitor until I get to what I consider a normal state.

Goal Three: Mobility

I started lifting seriously in 2010 and after managing some good numbers (220 / 140 / 230 / Class 2 Total) in 2017 I have seen little progress. After suffering with a few injuries in 2019 I have realised that my training was closer to abuse than fair use of my body. I will be working on hamstring and quadricep mobility and doing some other things to try and help some tendinitis around my right knee.

Goal Four: Explore Scotland

I moved to Glasgow in February 2020 for work. I want to push myself to make the most of getting out and seeing as much of what the Scottish countryside has to offer.

Goal Five: Take Photography More Seriously

Linked to goal four but I want to better document my experiences for the future and use this also as a creative outlet.

Goal n: …

There is a lot of other things that I hope to attain and I will discuss them in due course as I approach them.